Poly Engine & Tranny Mounts

1960's Buick Heavy Duty Engine Mounts

Performance Engine and Transmission Mounts for the 80's and early 90's FWD (front wheel drive) Mopar's. All products come with written installation instructions!

1960’s Buick Heavy Duty Engine Mounts

Price: $189.00

This is a Heavy Duty, Polyurethane mount that is a direct replacement for the stock mount. Fits in the same location, easy to install.

Fits Buicks from the 1960's.

If your normal auto parts store says

your mount is number #2219 then this mount will fit your car.


Electra...1961 to 1966

Invicta...1961 to 1963

LeSabre...1961 to 1964

Riviera...1961 to 1966

Skylark...1961 to 1967

Wildcat...1961 to 1966


1961 to 1967 for the 401 and 425 engine

(215 and 400 for the Skylark)

These are internal locking mounts. This drawing shows how
the metal is assembled. Then we pour polyurethane around it
for isolation and strength.